Hold on to your fly lines ladies and gents because were about to blast off into early summer fishing conditions! Due to a well below average snowpack this last winter and a warm, dry spring we are now experiencing post runoff conditions about a month earlier than average. This means the river is already clear and quickly warming to an ideal temperature for both feeding trout and insect activity. Some of our favorite hatches are just around the corner with increasing caddis activity and green drakes making their first appearance in Glenwood Springs.


For the next couple weeks the lower river will definitely be ground zero for the best dry fly fishing in the valley. The famous green drake hatch has begun! These large size 10-12 mayflies come off in droves in the last 2 hours of daylight. The fish don’t tend to be picky during the heat of the action so the key to success is using large, high-vis flies that are easy to see during the twilight hours. Before the drakes the fishing can be excellent skating caddis off the bank. If you have never experienced this type of fishing you are in for a real treat, as the strikes tend to be explosive on the skittering dry flies. For the best fishing our river has to offer we recommend an evening float trip. You will be fishing till dark so bring an extra layer and be prepared for the experience of a lifetime.


The upper sections of the river are improving every day. We are still seeing good hatches of beatis and midges. These diminutive insects will soon be replaced by larger caddis and stoneflies. The current is still relatively swift in this part of the river and the majority of the hatches are small in size. Because of this we are having the best success nymph fishing small size 22-16 and bright shiny flies below larger, attractor flies such as a pats rubber leg or 20 incher. Dry fly action on this section of river hasn’t really begun yet but we expect this to change within the next couple weeks. Now is the time to get out there. The next few weeks will most likely offer some of the fly fishing of the year.


Upper River: Princes #18-14, 20 Inchers #14-12, Pats Rubber Legs #6-10, RS2 #22-18, Zebra Midge #20-18, Soft Hackles #16-14, Gunmetel Midge #20, Rainbow Warriors #20-16, Hares Ear olive or tan #18-12, Buggers #10-6, Stimulators #12-14, Chubby Chernobyl #10-6,

Lower River: Foam Caddis #16-12, Stimulators #14-10, Elk Hair Caddis #16-14, H&L Variant #14-10, White Wulff  #12-10, Ausable Wulff #12-10, Cripple drake #12, Chartruese Copper John #16-14, Princes #16-12, 20 Inchers #12-10, Swinging Caddis #16-14, Bread Crust #14-12.