General Questions

Our guides provide all the necessary equipment needed to enjoy your day on the river.  We’ll deck you out in top of the line fishing equipment including; fly rods, tackle, waders, boots and PFD’s (for float trips). Transportation, fresh food, water, soda, adult beverages, and photos are all included in the trip price.

We recommend you bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and a pair of socks to wear under your waders. If float fishing sandal or water shoes.

Also bring a raincoat if you have one, the weather in Colorado can change quickly. If you do not have a raincoat no problem, let us know and we will supply you with a splash jacket free of charge.

Although the wilderness surrounding Aspen and Carbondale are filled with elk, that’s not the reason we chose to name our company Elk Mountain Expeditions. The peaks to the South and West of the Roaring Fork Valley, which are not always visible from the valley floor, make up the Elk Mountain Range. These peaks, and the snow they collect during the winter months, comprise a large portion of the Roaring Fork Watershed and are the reason we have water in the Roaring Fork and Crystal Rivers throughout most of the summer. Not only do the Elk Mountains help our local rafting rivers, but they also contribute over 200 billion gallons of water to the Colorado River each year. It’s no surprise that this breath-taking family of mountains contains 6 of Colorado’s 53 14,000 foot peaks and boasts some of the most picturesque vistas in the state of Colorado.

Wade fishing is a great option for beginners as well as kids 8 and older. The river bottom can be difficult terrain to navigate, if you have limited mobility be sure to specify with agent when booking trip.

Float fishing is one of the best options for experience fisherman. It is more difficult to learn the skills of fly fishing from a boat, however, this is a great option for those with limited mobility or those not wishing to navigate tricky terrain.

Pond fishing is the best option for families with young children and for large groups. If you wish for your whole family to enjoy the fishing trip together in a closer area this is a great option.

Half day wade trips are 4 hours door to door. Half day floats tend to run about 5 hours.

Full day trips can last 6-10 hours depending on weather, fishing conditions and the section you would like to fish.

Your guide will discuss timing with you before each trip and we will custom cater your trips to your schedule.

Elk Mountain Anglers maintains a catch and release ethic. Our goal is to release all fish unharmed back into their natural habitat. We want to keep our rivers healthy for future generations to enjoy


Yes! All our trips include snacks, water, sodas, and beer!

Full day trips include a local Deli lunch